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Vickers GD5 series Gear Pumps A perfect pump for your applications

Supreme performance in a compact package

Vickers GD5 series Gear Pumps are compact, high-performance gear pumps that offer the best combination of power and compact size. The GD5 series is ideal for a wide range of applications such as automotive, industrial and marine.

The GD5 series is designed to meet the requirements of a range of industries including automotive, industrial and marine. They are available in both single stage or two stage configurations with a variety of shaft sizes, materials and seal options. Compact design allows these pumps to be installed in tight spaces while still maintaining superior performance.

In addition to the standard materials available, we can also manufacture custom materials to fit your application needs. To learn more about our custom manufacturing services please contact us at [email protected]

High-pressure rating

Vickers GD5 series gear pumps are high-pressure, high-temperature and high-viscosity pumps with a wide range of applications in the chemical, oil and gas industries. They offer a full range of pump sizes from 10 to 500 litres per minute (l/min).

The GD5 Series is available with a variety of materials for different applications. The pump casing is manufactured from cast iron or ductile iron for use at moderate pressures and temperatures. For higher temperature applications, aluminium alloys can be used to provide corrosion resistance and strength.

The volute shafts are made from EN24 steel, which has excellent toughness but is not as strong as EN42 steel. These materials are resistant to most chemicals found in industry while maintaining a low coefficient of friction.

Gearbox gears are made from EN18 high carbon steel with a case depth of 12mm or 18mm depending on the size of the gearbox being used. The gear teeth are hardened and ground after heat treatment making them more durable than standard gears while also improving efficiency by reducing slip losses between mating gear teeth

Longer life, lower noise

Vickers GD5 series Gear Pumps are a perfect pump for your applications.

Vickers GD5 series Gear Pumps are built to last with the best quality materials and a unique design that helps them resist wear and tear. They also incorporate sound dampening technology to reduce noise levels.

The Vickers GD5 series Gear Pump is a rugged, self-priming, positive displacement pump which can be used for a variety of liquids in water/wastewater systems, including pharmaceuticals or food processing industries. The Vickers GD5 series Gear Pump is designed to operate on either AC or DC electric motors and are available in NEMA frames.


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